About the Company

The company Dynamonet was founded on October 2nd, 2002 by:

Owns 96,7% of Dynamonet

Owns 3,3% of Dynamonet

The purpose of Dynamonet was to establish and operate a regional data communications network in the Närpes area.

Since its start, Dynamonet has invested in a modern and efficient broadband network that connects the villages of Närpes and provides the residents and businesses in the area with high-quality connections for communications locally, nationally and internationally!

Dynamonet works to be a local company that has the service which allows itself to spread its knowledge to others and that the local businesses are being developed accordingly.

Since 2007, the expansion of new connections has consisted mainly of fiber to the home. Thanks to that, now it offers the region's most powerful broadband network!

Check out our team and see how far we have gone as a company:

Together we build the infrastructure for the future of Närpes!​

Ab Närpes Dynamonet Närpiö Oy (FO-nr: 1778124-5)