2 Mbit/s
3€Per Month
Great to surf the net!
10 Mbit/s
8€Per Month
Great to watch videos!
Great for 1-2 ppl!
40 Mbit/s
10€Per Month
Great to watch movies!
Great to play on!
Great for 3-4 ppl!
80 Mbit/s
15€Per Month
Best to watch movies!
Best to play on!
Best for 3-4 ppl!

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We offer you help with any network issues you may have!

We offer telephony that have cheap monthly fees!

We offer fast internet with close to infinite capacity!

And much more!

Fiber connection

Fiber connection is the most efficient and has the fastest data connections you can get. A cable goes to your home, through the wall and to the outlet. To connect fiber, we must first see if your area has access to it. If they are available there, just call us and we will fix it!

Wireless connection

Wireless connection is the most flexible type of data connection and works well when you are far from a city. You get your internet directly from a radio tower to your home. All you need to do is see if the radio tower uses JNT internet, if it does call us and we’ll get you connected!

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Are you in trouble? Running from cops?

Let us try and help you with your problems!

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