Internet Prices

2 Mbit/s
10 Mbit/s
40 Mbit/s
80 Mbit/s
3 €/mo
8 €/mo
10 €/mo
15 €/mo
32,50 €/mo
37,50 €/mo
39,50 €/mo
44,50 €/mo

Extra information:

Any equipment (fiber receiver, modem or antenna) needed for connection can be lent for temporary use.

Anyone who lives in an apartment in Närpes gets a deduction of 4€/mo for their internet.

If you wish to connect multiple computers to the same network then we recommend that you obtain a router. We can assist you with the purchase and installation of the router if you so wish.

If you live in an apartment in the center of Närpes then you can get a connection with a data port to it. The network charge is 25.50€/mo which includes a modem.

For connections outside of Dynamonets own network, 2€/mo will be added to the administration fee. The prices do not include the net owner's fees.

For the receivers in Yttermark, external fiber networking is deducted by 4€/mo.