RPG Adventure

RPG Adventure is fantasy based strategy game set in a medieval fashion where you as the player, are able to make your own character arc and live in the world you influence. Fight your way up to glory, uncover dark and mysterious omens, conquer your right to rule or explore each nook and cranny of the world!

The main gimmicks of this idea are: Diverse combat mechanics, a deep companion mechanic, advanced AI, minimal RNG and a variety of ways to play.

I’m quite passionate and I often dream bigger then what I’m able to achieve, this is one of those cases. This is my long term video game project that’s intended to be worked on when I’ve gotten a hefty amount of industry level development experience.

Swap Blade

A fantasy themed turn-based strategy game where the main character wakes up memory less where he has an arsenal of 3 elemental infused weapons.

He seeks to uncover what had happened to him and the story behind these magical relics…

Idea dump

A modern predator survival simulator – Check!
A street crime oriented stealth thriller  – Check!
A child friendly RPG progression simulator – Check!

The list just gets longer and longer, see for yourself!


JavaScript Arcade

Short and simple games made with JavaScript and assets used from a public third-party library. These were originally made for a school project but I decided to improve them further and publish them here!

Game Jam: Piracy

Me and my classmate Mathias went and decided to make a short-lived Game Jam where we sadly did not finish but learned many valuable lessons on what to prioritize, how much time to spend on details, etc…