Game Jam: Piracy

This is a story of two amateur developers planning to create a game in the time span of one week to ultimately throw the towel from getting overloaded with tasks.

Design docs

Game Jam: Piracy
Theme: Buried
Date: 22/Oct/2018

Pirate treasure hunt, 2D environment in a 3D scene with 3D models, orthographic camera perspective, Side-scroller (retro, beat ‘em up-like roguelike).

A pirate who starts off his journey with a shovel as his weapon with a quest to defeat bosses and uncover buried treasure.

Animals, Pirates, Tribe Men, Ninjas, Skeletons and Spikes.

Currency, Weapons (Flintlock pistols, muskets, canons, parrots, cutlass, ect.), Health pick-ups.

You access the shop after you die or exit to main menu, the shopper will sell you perks such as: Increased pickup drop rates, gold multipliers and upgradable outfits (armor).

Level Design:
Pixel art Background, You must kill everyone in an area to advance, Bosses come at the end of each level and after defeating a boss, the player goes forward to an X on the ground and starts digging up a chest and gains rewards.

I was the designer, 2D artist and composer for the game.
Mathias was the 3D modeler for the game.

Skills /skill upgrades, Animated background & Score counter .


Valuable lessons

We spent too much time focusing on art.
– I spent too much time on making GIF objects and trying to perfect the sprites.
– Mathias spent too much time UV unwrapping, animating and texturing models.

We had no prior knowledge in developing standalone games.
– I had small experience from following a few of Unity’s game tutorials.
– Mathias had no experience in developing on Unity.

Horrible communication and pre-planning.
-Personal matters and priorities made our 7 days become 5 days.
-Then we hadn’t accounted that our schedules weren’t aligned with each other, having half our days waste at school.

We got burned out after dwelling too far into the un-explored in such a limited time window.
– There was a lot of time spent for research on small coding and animating.
– Our development time kept getting shortened because of classes and meetings.
– We had no prior knowledge in basic programing, animating, rigging, 2D Level Design.
– After a time of no visual progress, our morale hit rock bottom.

We should have begun with laying out the gameplay portion before doing the art.

We will better organize our priorities to better fit future projects.

This project has concluded and is retired. Total development time: 4 workdays (~35h).