Idea Dump

Ideas that I’ve had on my mind for a bit.


I have bits and pieces of ideas whenever I put myself in a developer mindset and focus on creating a game from scratch using certain perimeters as guidelines.

They are all inspired by a neat feature from a game or anime that I had on my mind for a while and how I could improve upon the overall execution that they did.

Most of them haven’t left the elevator pitch stage and are just there piling dust. So some of these might never get visited and see the light of day.

If you’re interested, come and see what my mind can come up with after taking a few small liking to a game features!

Chore Adventures

This was at first a concept made for a game jam i intended to work on with a friend but declined because of mixed interests to make it.

The general point of this game is to get your kids / students to have a fun and rewarding time doing tests/ exams and household chores.

The concept is that you have the kid log into an app on their phone where it saves and displays their progress in the form of an Adventurer character. From there on they are able to improve the stats of their character by taking learning practices such as math, geography, biology, etc.

While on the other end, a parent/ teacher can log into their own device/ website to give out “quests” and “adventures” for the kids to complete. They have all the administrative clearance for the kids missions and can easily adjust the values to fit them.



Some key notes i took while thinking out the game: 

– You do chores in the form of quests

– Each time you complete a quest, you will be rewarded with either gold, experience or items.

– The kid gets a mobile oriented program.

– Each person has their own character.

– The age group would be around 5 – 18 year olds.

– You can duel a player once a day with your character.

– Class based system referenced from their best known topics.

– Quests are given through a parental controlled website.

– they can give tests in the form of dungeons & raids (choose the right path, solve the puzzle or defeat a mob in a special way.)

– a deep but easy customization for their characters.

– The game would be used along the same lines as Kahoot.

– the negative things that the game could bring are: manipulation with rewards and bullying to extort a players resources.

My Stalker


You play as a young female who soon becomes a victim to a stalking. The person follows you everywhere you go, breaks into your apartment, takes pictures, follows you on all social medias, steals your belongings, blackmails your closest friends and eventually kidnaps them.


The story starts like so: 

One day after a long shift at work (as a Barista), you return to your apartment, try to unlock the door and realize that it had been unlocked, knowing fully well that you had locked it. Later that day, a letter slides trough your front door, it’s a love poem, Without further thought, you curl it up and throw it into the trash thinking nothing much of it other then a prank.

 The next day, you receive another letter, this time citing: “Why did you throw away my feelings?”. This sends shivers down your spine… You open the door to the hallway but see no one. You put away the letter, lock the door, pull the blinds and continue your day knowing what’s just happened.

Later at night, you hear a loud noise coming from the living room, you go to investigate and see a dark figure rummaging through your stuff, he sees you, runs to the window and escapes. The next day, another letter arrived with another poem, but, this time it includes pictures of yourself, one where you are at work, one where you are in your apartment and one where you are in the restroom….

(To be continued…)

Gameplay mechanics:

The stalker requests actions and demands from you, such as: Stop interacting with this person or stop ignoring my emails, etc.

If his actions and demands remain unsettled, his aggression meter will increase, meaning that he will be more inclined to do something menacing towards you, worst case “molesting, murdering or kidnapping”.

A clear indication of the state of the meter is by reading the letters and searching the house for potential signs. Those signs could be: Missing Clothing, Stained/Ripped Photographs, Damaged Electronics, Engravings on Walls, Security Camera Footage, ect.

Thrown Off


You are a victim of a kidnapping wheres you’ve gotten dumped in a dangerous, crime filled part of an unknown city in mid winter.

You go through alleyways filled with homeless people, gang members and various shady individuals.

All the windows are barred or broken, doors locked and shops completely closed up. The only vehicles that drive the roads are vans, cars with loud bass, muscle cars and motorcycle patrols,

You will try to advance further into the city and end up in the industrial part of the city with factories huffing black smoke and security guards with dogs near every entrance.



Your goal is to survive and escape the city, everyone you meet is hostile and wants a thing or two from you, the horror elements will mostly be in cinematic elements that come up when you get to certain points of the city, mainly different types of jump scares and eerie situations such as heights, chases, hiding, violence, etc.

Homeless people stand near barrels, rummage in garbage bins and rest in alleyways and heat them selves up and if approached will attack but not chase. –

Grouped gang members have melee weapons and will chase you down until they lose track of you. 

Bikers patrol the roads with sawn-off’s and will shoot on sight, (will shoot anyone in their way, even homeless people). 

Guards have tasers and can run up to you beat you with batons. 



My idea is very reminiscent from the atmosphere found in SOMA and Outlast but themed more towards an early 2000s city with visual hints of GTA IV Lost and damned in the environment.

Survey, Shoot & score!


This is a multiplayer game where’s you have a team that controls 3 different elements in a single match.

Strategy: RTS style with puzzle and micro-managing elements.

Shooting: A Full action, non-stop moving PVP & PVE shooter.

Sports: A mix of RTS and action wheres you get to do racing and various custom sport similar to real life equivalents

The goal is to help your team achieve their victory condition in each of these three sections. Each one has elements to support your teammate whiles sacrificing a bit of your own tempo.



The Crew and GTA 5 with it’s super fast speed and maneuverability while driving and off-road access.

AC:BF and SoT have really fun ship battles where you move a lot to repair, load canons, scout ships and steer.