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Welcome to my most passionate project yet!
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Class & Skill Tree Breakdown

I’m yet exploring what the set class and skill system for this will be. I’ve had many looks at games with unique player progressions and broke down their designs to create my own version.
Rogue – Agility
Warrior – Strength
Magus – Intelligence
Trader – Charisma
-Barbarian (Agility)
-Knight (Charisma)
-Monk (Intelligence)
-Elementalist (Agility)
-Warlock (Strength)
-Bishop (Charisma)
-Hunter (Charisma)
-Duelist (Strength)
-Shinobi (Intelligence)
-Adventurer (Strength)
-Prophet (Intelligence)
-Specter (Agility)

Magic Breakdown

In this world, only few are able to control and manipulate the properties of magic. Those who do, only muster a fraction of the power which bestowed upon them.

Humans only comprehend 3 forms of magic: Angelic, Demonic and Elemental.

Magical essence is present in everything, from the tiniest dust particle to the center of a human soul.

Each of the possible magic types differ in their own way of use:

Light controls the essence of oneself.
Dark controls the essence of the surroundings.
Elemental controls respective fractions of both.
Light – Ki, Spirit, Protection.
The Angelic power of Light is the purest form of ones own determined resolve and dedication. It uses the soul of the host to enhance and is also described as internal magic.

Ki is the self improvement of ones body and senses to aid beyond human limit.

Spirit is the art of channeling ones soul into a being of pure magic and commanding it as oneself.

Protection is focusing ones ability to share their energy with another sorce.
Dark – Shadow, Ritual, Alteration.
The Demonic power of Dark is ones wickedness and emotion bending reality as a whole. The magic feeds on it’s surroundings and is considered external magic.

Shadow is used to enhance the host and differ it from the environment.

Ritual is the name for the forbidden summoning of creatures by sacrificing magic and life of others.

Alteration is manipulating objects and structures to that of ones cruel mind.
Elemental – Water, Earth, Fire and Wind.
The Elemental powers which allows the user to control their surroundings and transform it to their own will.

There are 4 main elemental groups: The flowing Water, The steady Earth, The fierce Fire, The agile Wind.

Among them, there are subgroup elements such as: Electricity, Life, Magma and Ice.

They combine their powers and advantages with one another into a single massive force.


In this, you will be able to join a guild/ faction of your choosing where you are able to learn new tricks, get unique equipment, recruit trustful companions as well as gain fame & glory!

There is an internal feud between the guilds where bad previous experiences led them to dislike one another and choosing sides.
The Chaotic: Assassins & Pirates
The unsung outcasts of society who do what’s best for their people in order to keep everything from going corrupt!
The Neutral: Merchants & Mercenaries
The ventriloquists of society who control the flow of people decide which path will lead to having the right outcome!
The Lawful: Crusaders & Plague Doctors
The highly praised valiant faces of society do what’s right for keeping the peace in the name of justice!

Changeable Equipment Pieces

All characters have their own slot for each kind of equipment type.

Head slots:
Helmets, Hats, Hoods, Masks.

Torso slots:
Tunics, Armors, Coats, Robes and Mails.

Arms slots:
Braces, Gauntlets, Gloves.

Special slots:
Used for Large Storage, Quivers, Cloaks and Scabbards.

Waist & Leg slots:
Pants, Leggings, Scabbards, Belts, Pouches, Greaves, Boots, Shoes, Tabi.

More Information

What you’ve read up until now has just been a tiny look into what I’m attempting to work on.

I have big hopes for this project and it will surely go through multiple iterations as the longer I go adding to it.

I’ve got plenty more of these implementations written down in my Discord server, head on over there if you’d like to follow me through the development of this vision.