Swap Blade

My first possible game project!

Tiny rundown of the game

To give the simplest explanation:

This game will be a Turn-based RPG similar to that of:
Sonny, Sands of the Coliseum and the Epic Battle Fantasy series (3 flash games which shaped my childhood)!

The main gimmick:

The character only has a limited specialized arsenal of weapons in this linear-style story. He has to train and master his weapons to be capable of doing progress which goes deeper into his journey to recover his lost memories. His memories about who he was, uncover the weapons mystery and find out how he got to where he is.


This game will be worked on privately to an extent but once I’m at a comfortable place to share further information about the game then I will put out progress reports, gain social tension and build up a community to gain advice on potential road blocks.


It starts off with your character waking up at a forest without any memories of how he got there and who he is. He battles his way forward, slowly recovering memories and finding fragments of his past from the boss encounters and in-between camp sites.

The character wakes up wielding 3 magical weapons:
A cursed sword, a flaming axe and a frost infused spear.

He has the ability to channel the weapons element and use their abilities to his benefit.

The enemies have elemental attributes that negate or empower the damage caused to them. The character will have to think through when they see the time is right for each corresponding weapon.