Sprite Tile-map

A 2D asset map for the environments in the Piracy game jam I did in 2018.

Some Were made to accompany animated tiles whiles others were still images.

Leviathan Project

One of my proudest projects on Photoshop where’s I delved into many new techniques such as highlighting and shadowing for the first time.

Big thanks to Benny Productions for opening my eyes to the possibilities of what I can accomplish with motivation to finish a big project.

It took me more or less a week to familiarize myself with all the techniques while slowly trying to create my own version of said creature.

Swap Blade Weapons Concept

For my game, i needed to create some concepts for the weapons that the main character uses which then gets used to make the 3D models.

It took a bit of time finding the correct weapon shape that would be fitting towards the character.

Shield Concept

I was asked to create a concept for a shield using miniature fragments to readjust themselves into different kinds of shapes.

So I went with a magnetic like base for it and touched up with a few ideas.

Scene Revisualation

Retouched levels from Nitrogen55 where’s I adjusted it to fit more towards a fantasy / magical theme.

TechPoint Flyers

During my internship in Malta, I was tasked with creating visual advertisement to show off the company and their products.

Such advertisement was making flyers to be printed out and shared though in social medias.

I’d also been tasked with making a watermark for their invoices for whenever costumers would buy a product.

TechPoint Air Freshener

During my time in Malta, I was also given a project to create a design for an air freshener product from a company of which they had partnered up with.

So I considered all the possible shapes for the Air fresheners to be made from and did some rough designs.

After a while of designing, I messed around with such designs that both me and my client both liked and even added indications of which scent they would smell of.

Finally we had chosen a design for it and sent it out to the air freshener company where they would take the design and create a product from it.

Dynamo Flyers

During one of my internships I was tasked with creating a design for a flyer towards a recruitment exhibition in the city for all the different local companies.

I had a few designs that I’d been jumping around with and lastly was left with 2 of the designs that made it to print.

Tournament Flyer

During my first year of collage, I was tasked with hosting a small gaming tournament for anyone who was interested to locally come and attend.

I stuck to a neat design where all the games in the tournament were shown breaking the 4th wall.

Then afterwards I was to give my design to one of the helpers who would get some sponsors to help revenue the tournament and give out prizes for the contenders.

Pet Shop Advertisement

I was tasked with creating a my own company of choice and create different advertisement materials such as logos, flyers and newspaper ad.

The company I went with was a pet store of the name “Petite Shop”. The store would sell many domesticated pets and animal for any customer as they like.

Holiday Resort Advertisement

A small project wheres we got to create advertisement with different Adobe tools for each part:

This one was made in Photoshop and was intended to be sent in social media.

This piece was made in Illustrator wheres it would then be sent to a newspaper company and used as a small advert there.

And here I was tasked to work in InDesign to create a business card to be printed out and placed on a plastic surface.

Quick Compositing

Very quick and random mashups for an IT company  who wanted to slightly spice up their website pages with some art.

Personal Banner

A personalized banner from the game SMITE.

Personal Avatar

When I was a young lad, I had created a personal character that I’d use anywhere as my avatar in media.

I had jumped around with improving it ever so slightly over the years to fit more to what I envisioned.

Quick Logos

I was asked to create a logo for their DnD server that fits along the lines of  the Heartstone logo.

An icon for a coding event to bring in more females into the programming scene.

A logo for a Private server that would later take hold as an ESports logo in friendly scrim battles with others.

An early logo for a public community called Synergy Storm.

A group avatar made for a localized CS:GO team called Team Aspeen.